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Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you for your generous support! Your contribution has made a significant impact on Jack and Jill Creche and Pre-School. We deeply appreciate your partnership in our mission.

Jack and Jill Creche and Preschool, a registered Non-Profit organization, has steadfastly committed itself to delivering high-quality Early Childhood Education to more than 6000 underprivileged children since its establishment in Alabama Klerksdorp in 1997. Our overarching mission is to empower children academically, socially, and emotionally regardless of race. religion and social standing, achieved through the implementation of innovative teaching methods, personalized attention, and active community engagement


Established 27 years ago in South Africa, our not-for-profit status (NPO No: 085-796 | EMIS 600140002) underscores our commitment to community-based initiatives and sustainable support systems. While playing a vital role in child safety and development, the wear and tear on our facilities is apparent, and with some of the lowest fees in the area we are unable to update as much as we would like to, and are therefore seeking support to refresh classrooms equipment and utilties, ensuring a safe environment for the growth of underprivileged children.


Operating in the informal area of Alabama Klerksdorp, we strive to be a trusted community partner, addressing unique challenges. We foster community pride, empowerment, and collaborate with parents and organizations for overall development. Beyond education, we engage in community-building activities, seeking donations to update facilities and support struggling parents. Your contributions enhance the learning environment and beautify the entire area.

Your generous donation of paint and other building material will not only enhance the learning environment for these children but also contribute to the beautification of the entire area. With your permission, we propose prominently featuring  YOUR COMPANY on our school website and promotional materials as a sponsor.

Situated at a bustling intersection with substantial foot traffic, your brand visibility will extend beyond our school, resonating with thousands of children and their families. Your support will make a lasting impact in Alabama, Jouberton, Klerksdorp, and neighboring communities.

Here's how your contribution will be utilized:

  1. Educational Materials and Supplies: Donations of age-appropriate books, learning aids, art supplies, and educational toys can significantly enhance the learning experience for children.

  2. Playground Equipment and Outdoor Spaces: Outdoor play is crucial for a child's physical and social development. Donations of playground equipment, safety mats, and outdoor furnishings contribute to creating a safe and stimulating play environment.

  3. Infrastructure and Facility Improvement: Contributions towards building maintenance, repairs, and improvements can help ensure a safe and comfortable environment. This includes painting, roofing repairs, flooring upgrades, and other structural enhancements.

  4. Nutritional Support: Donations of nutritious snacks, meals, and kitchen supplies are essential for creches and preschools, especially for those serving underprivileged communities. Supporting nutritional programs can positively impact the health and well-being of the children.

  5. Technology and Learning Tools: In today's digital age, donations of computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and educational software can enhance the technological capabilities of creches and preschools, providing children with early exposure to technology.

  6. Scholarship Programs: Establishing scholarship programs or providing financial assistance to families in need ensures that children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds have access to quality early childhood education.

Your support will not only positively impact the lives of these children but will also align your company with a community-focused initiative. We deeply appreciate your consideration and look forward to the possibility of working together for the betterment of our community.

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