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For the Parents

Welcome to Jack & Jill! Your collaboration is vital in providing an exceptional educational experience for our students. Let's work together to inspire and empower them for success. Join us in creating meaningful opportunities that shape their future.


Safety First

Jack and Jill safety is our top priority. We are committed to creating a secure environment where students can learn and thrive with peace of mind. We maintain rigorous safety protocols, implement preventive measures, and regularly review our procedures to ensure the well-being of our entire school community. Rest assured that your child's safety is our utmost concern at Matthews Academy.​

Global Citizens


We shape global citizens. Our curriculum fosters cultural understanding, develops key skills like critical thinking and collaboration, and encourages community engagement. Through these experiences, our students embrace diversity, think beyond borders, and actively contribute to creating a more interconnected world.

School Meals

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Our school provides a cooked cooked lunch daily. Snack is provided from home. We encourage parents to pack a small but healthy snack for their children. We do not have juice at school. We encourage our children to drink water and they have access to their water bottles at any time in the day. Our food is prepared fresh every day. Parents will be required encouraged to share when their children are fasting or have food allergies.

Arriving at School

Our dedicated staff and faculty are ready to warmly welcome students as they begin their educational journey. There are several resources for Transportation  ensuring a smooth transition from home to school. Whether students arrive by bus, car, or on foot, our goal is to make their arrival at Matthews Academy a positive and engaging experience.


We believe that a school uniform promotes a sense of unity, equality, and pride among our students. Our uniform policy fosters a positive learning environment, allowing students to focus on their academic pursuits while fostering a sense of belonging within our community. Contact us to learn how you can get your uniform for your child

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