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At our core, we see the world as an expansive playground of possibilities. Anchored in three pillars—knowledge pursuit, fostering inquiry, and infusing executive fun—we focus on key aspects. Firstly, we celebrate each child's uniqueness, recognizing their capabilities, confidence, and resilience. Our commitment extends to cultivating positive relationships, fostering independent growth with a loving foundation. Embracing diverse learning and development, we acknowledge individual progress rates. The playground serves as a catalyst for holistic learning, stimulating essential senses. In our approach, each aspect harmoniously contributes to the comprehensive development of the child at Jack & Jill.

Our Classes

The Grade R Curriculum


The Grade R curriculum is structured around the Criteria for School readiness.

This programme includes activities in a work book. The Grade R student is preparing him-/herself for the big school and emotional awareness, social development and self confidence plays an important role in this process.


The criteria for school readiness:
3 Phases
a) School ripeness
b) Social skills
c) Emotional ripeness
Gross motor skills and fine motor skills

  1. Laterality: Sure of left/right

  2. Body Balance: On a line or beam

  3. Body Image: Recognition of all body parts and able to draw a figure with the body parts.

  4. Must be able to touch their left ear with the right hand across the top of child’s head. (Physical development)

  5. Eye/hand/foot co-ordination
    Able to throw and catch a tennis ball
    Able to skip

  6. Fine motor skills:
    Cut on a line with scissors
    Tie shoelaces / fasten buttons
    Write own name

  7. Visual and Auditive discrimination
    Name colours and recognition
    Recognises shapes
    Identify mistakes in similar pictures
    Visual memory: 5-10 objects remembered
    Repeat a pattern verbally (task and sequencing)

  8. Language: Able to hear first and last letter (sound) in a word … C A T
    Comprehension and understanding of verbal instruction
    Convey a message
    State name, surname and telephone number

  9. Emotional skills
    Sure of self in a new situation
    Speed of instruction (completion)
    Does he/she daydream
    Attention fluctuations

  10. Mathematical concept
    Number of recognition 1-20
    Concept: more or less
    Counting 1-100

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